The beginning of our journey in the World Solar Challenge 2017!

Welcome to all our viewers! The following blog series will guide you through the journey of Team India in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017 as we overcome roadblocks faced everyday, powered by the teamwork and the confidence provided by all of our supporters. In the process we hope to motivate a few of you to aim high and achieve even higher. Apologies for the delay in starting the updates, you will soon see what kept us busy in the last week.

The journey had begun in January 2016 when we were recruited by our seniors. We were given a responsibility, apart from a challenge, of building India’s most efficient solar car and showcasing our potential at a global platform. From there, to picking up the technical skills, to pitching to corporate, to manufacturing the car to actually raising money, to organizing a launch event, to basic testing and shipping the car to Australia, we had done it all. The BWSC meant a lot to everyone in the team – a grand finale to some, a step towards the vision of being the best solar car team for others.

September 25th, and the team was at the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, ready to board the flight to Darwin. The air was filled with excitement. Our parents had come to see us off, giving us tonnes of important do’s and don’ts.

Team @KIA, Bengaluru

Thanks to all our well wishers, despite the delay in our visa process and a round of flight cancellations, we were finally there. Being part of the team for about two years has taught us how to handle various tough situations and work under immense pressure. So the delay in visa’s wasn’t the greatest of challenges. We had accordingly reworked our plan for the event, with the tiniest of tasks planned intricately.

We had to go via KL and then Sydney, and finally Darwin.with layovers at both cities. We spent the time in KL planning out our immediate tasks for the day we land in Darwin. In Sydney, the team got the chance to visit the beautiful Opera house. It truly is a marvelous creation!

Team @Operahouse, Sydney

We reached Darwin at 12:30 am on the 27th of September. Though a midnight flight, it was not very uncomfortable. Landing in Darwin gave us all goosebumps, for we were very excited for the approaching day. We were quite tired however, and went to sleep as soon as we checked in at Chilis Backpacker’s, about 15min from the airport.

Read on to see our preparations in Darwin.



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