June 5th celebrations at a school in Kengeri

If only the trees and nature could voice out their worries and issues, we wouldn’t be ignoring the environment so much. World Environment Day, remarks the contribution of the mother nature to earth. Be it right from the oxygen we breathe in to the wooden furnishing we sit on, we depend on nature for everything but unfortunately amidst hustle of our busy everyday lives, we forget to thank her. It’s a real irony that we dedicate just one day for our environment which gives us the most important oxygen for us to survive. In the world where the talks of depleting resources top our news everyday, little does the concern move towards what could be done towards this issue. But we at RVCE Solar Car Team focus on the utilisation of solar energy by designing and building most efficient solar electric vehicle to answer the crisis of fuels. Our main objective is to promote the use of solar energy in the transportation sector and drive research and innovation into the solar technology

The theme for this year being ‘connecting people to nature’, we tried to create awareness among the school children, the future generation about the essence of the day. We paid a visit to a school and explained to the kids, the present scenario in the energy domain and what our future could look like if we didn’t answer the calls of nature right away. It was great to see kids respond in such an excited way. When we told the kids we were building cars that did not use any fuel and find solely on solar energy, they were more than eager to know more about our technology. They listened with utmost attention about the working of solar panels and the mechanical design aspects. Their interest encouraged us to tell more about our event; the World Solar Challenge. It delighted us to see the gleam of enthusiasm in their eyes when they heard that we had a few small projects for them to work on. We helped them plant a sapling in an effort to contribute to this mother nature. Like the saying; all that starts well, ends well; our day too ended with satisfaction of having expanded the knowledge of children and inspiring them to take up research in solar energy sector.


By Kruthika Parappa


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