To all our wonderful readers, greetings from the RVCE Solar Car Team. Here’s presenting to you all the 6 TH edition of The Digital Gazette.


As always a lot of things have been happening this month. To start off, with the Mechanical subdivision, the test car has been doing incredibly well and has managed to meet our limits. A lot of testing is still under its way and the team hopes to achieve it too. The pattern of our new car is in its final stages and is expected to be completed in the next two weeks. The body fabrication team has been slogging day in and day out for the perfect finish of the pattern. The team is also in talks with a few mould makers to help us in getting a very good mould.

Core material from Rhinokore arrived!

The Electronics or the E-team has been working immensely on the battery box manufacturing. The Battery Management System or the BMS in short is working great and the harnessing of which has already started. The Solar Array and the MPPT subsystem has started off with the sample module testing and the actual module making is underway. The telemetry team has also started working on GUI and Bluemix for IBM for the data analysis.

NBA Visit

The sponsorship team is preoccupied having meetings with various top-notch companies like Honeywell who have agreed to support us. We are proud to have San-E who are helping us out with the electronics subdivision. The team is extremely delighted to have Wipro as our proud Core Sponsor. Our carbon fibre from Mitsubishi Rayon Ltd of utmost quality has arrived and the entire team is very excited about it. A big shout out to our logistics team whose efforts have helped us in customs clearance.  Our core material also arrived from Rhinokore Composite Solutions. We were extremely excited to lift that crate and place it in our workshop. The core material is of the utmost quality and as many people in the Composites Industry had mentioned,”This is something incredible, we have never seen such a great quality product, before”!

MRC Ltd’s Carbon Fiber arrived.

The icing on the cake for this month is that we successfully registered for the World Solar Challenge 2017. This has given us a great boost of confidence and motivation and we all hope to give our best to make it to one of the top winners in this cycle of the event.

Kindly, stay tuned to our YouTube Channel for some insight into our work! There are some surprises assured.

-Kruthika ( Our new editor ) & Pallavi


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