Hello folks! We are back again with our monthly review! Hope, you all have a great insight to the team through our monthly updates.

DUMMY CAR – A series of testing.

This month started off on a good note with IBM supporting us. We are very excited to have Kemptran to have agreed to collaborate with us on various materials required to support our body fabrication. We have also had successful meetings this month with various companies who were very impressed with our project and are willing to support us in our endeavour.

CANOPY PATTERN – At its final stages

The Mechanical Subdivision is testing the test car and has reached a benchmark of various parameters. There is still a lot of continuous effort which is being put into testing to ensure smooth compatibility of all the components with the actual car. We have started the pattern making for our 2017 prototype. The templates have been laser cut and have been assembled in the workshop. The junior team is helping us a lot in this as we require a lot of manpower to finish our pattern and start the mould making in time. The pattern making has consumed the major part of the progress that has been made this month. Our carbon fiber is to arrive in a week.

The battery division has had successful collaboration with Team Technology. They will be assisting our module making and giving us expertise on this aspect. Our battery box manufacturing is on a good progress rate and we will finish it at the earliest. The E Team has been tirelessly working on motor testing using our test car and has achieved good results. The telemetry system has been working on the BeagleBone board.


The sponsorship team has been attending various meetings and trying to get in touch with various corporates. The logistics team has worked diligently in the process of getting our carbon fiber cleared. The whole team celebrated National Science Day on 28 February to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian physicist Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman on this very day in 1928. For his discovery, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930. We take immense pride in his contributions to science!

Our Online DONATE US campaign has started. Kindly, click on the link below. Your generous donations will bestow the faith in our team and will help us greatly. Scroll down to have a look into our video which gives further insight on our project.

-Pallavi Surana


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