Hello, all our readers!! The last month, January has been a very eventful one. We have had a lot of Media Publicity and have featured in various articles, in the news channels and on the radio. Our outreach has been immense and this has really helped spread the news about our project to a lot of people.


We had immense progress the last month. The Mechanical Sub-Division has been working day -in and out on our Test Car. The test car will be completed in another 2 days.  Our Mechanical Team had visited The ImTex Expo. The ImTex Expo They had an amazing enlightenment on the manufacturing of various tools and components. IMTEX the flagship event of the Indian machine tool manufacturers association (IMTMA) yet again was convened at BIEC BANGALORE. The theme of this year’s expo was machine tool and metal cutting which attracted upwards of 1000 exhibitors who showed off their exquisite line of products and new innovations in the metal cutting industry. The mechanical team of RVSCT was there to witness all the new innovations and technology that was displayed at the expo. The team is currently working very hard on assembling all the mechanical components of the car and this expo was a boon to us at this time.



The Body Fabrication has been conducting experiments and we have RHINOKORE who have agreed to become one of our Material Sponsors. The E-Team has been working on the Test Car as well. We had had a meeting with Fibro Plastics earlier which gave us a great insight regarding the manufacturing process of the Battery box. The box is going to be optimised on various parameters to make it easier for manufacturing. They have been working on various domains and will be incorporating them in our test car.  SanE has successfully re-collaborated with us for the electrical harnessing. The team is currently testing the solar cells and the encapsulation process will start soon.


The sponsorship team has been extensively working on collaborating with leading companies for technical and financial support. The media team has successfully pinned the RVCE Solar Car Team in one of the most prestigious teams in the country! We have been featured on various platforms. We have been invited by many individuals and organisations to talk about the team and the recent innovations. We have had companies like RECOM who have agreed to support us with various parts for the project.  This month was also a fruitful month in terms of sponsorship as Bosch agreed to sponsor us financially. Stay tuned on our

Stay tuned on our SOCIAL MEDIA to know more about our test car and other developments.


Given below are  a few links to the month’s featured on various platforms:

BILLION BEATS – Dr Kalam’s E-Newspaper to inspire the country of tomorrow.





We got a bit late with our update, nonetheless, hope the wait was worth it! Hope you all had a refreshing read! Stay tuned for more updates.

-Pallavi Surana



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