Hey! This is the first of its kind, a yearly update that is a page long list of all what the team has done in sync this eventful year of 2016. I still remember the first day we got out first mails and the excitements that poured in after that. Our new team has now reached a stage wherein we’re the ones who are shooting mails, trying to do work that keeps the graph soaring up. This year wasn’t possible without our beloved team managers, who are the TRIO OF COMPANIONS which never let the spirit to thrive fade. Also, a special mention to our project guides, Dr. MS Krupashankara and Mr. Mahendra Kumar and the Principal, RVCE Dr. KN Subramanya for being there for us and do everything they could to support us, the best.

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This year saw us evolve from amateurs to a level wherein we can work with the team and make things transpire. The series of events from the beginning until now has always left us with an experience we can’t forget. When we talk about our mechanical team, they are the ones who fuel up the entire environment in our workshop using all the tools and machinery to build a sound structure. The mechanical team lead off by learning the distinctions of all the subsystems involved in the vehicle and then took up the herculean task of designing it part by part. This resulted in a radical design wherein the driver was offset to a side rather than the conventional centralized design. The design enabled the team to reduce the drag force on the vehicle while simultaneously optimizing the lift and down force characteristics. A new suspension system was considered which CNC milled to perfection and a new steering system following the Ackerman geometry was put in place. We got the rack and pinion manufactured along with new universal joints that have more stability and reduced play which summed up to a car that handles better. We used the master cylinder for brakes and balance bar. We also, designed the brake pedal assembly and set up the positioning of cylinder for proper and safe trader of brake fluid.

img_20161123_181207       14642317_1119934601416724_356231760786028899_n

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The electronics team is crucial here as they set the important components to drive our electric vehicle. They spent the first few months in experimentation and learning through hands on experience. In the solar array, they reduced the weight and improved the harnessing. New methods of encapsulation were tested and incorporated. The design of the array was completed with the guidance of our alumni. In the battery domain, the design was completed. This implemented our BMS circuit in here which has also been working successfully. We also used the DC Chroma source to charge the battery while testing Soleblaze-1. The telemetry system was successful in obtaining the data from the BMS circuit through wireless communication. Finally, with regards to the motor, we have tested our old MITSUBA motor and have obtained values for the speed, torque and the rotations per minute. We have also, imported our batteries from Japan which will be reaching us soon, they contain the Panasonic cells.


The sponsorship team has been focusing extensively on reaching out to companies, particularly solar enthusiasts who might be interested in our project. Building a relation with the companies is a critical aspect of sponsorship which includes constantly updating them on our work, on the progress we make and some of the new areas we would work on! To build one of the most advanced electric vehicle in the world we need various companies supporting us on the technical front as well as, financially. As we are a completely student run project, we must clear the customs and bear the charges as and when we import/export a component. These technicalities are handled effectively by the Logistics Team.
Thus we have tried cutting cost on various materials such as the Carbon fibre, solar cells and various other electrical and electronics components. In return the team is working on offering cost effective branding at various platforms i.e. India and Australia. We also conduct workshops, attend various events such as Zinnov Confluence, Indian Innovation summit and participating in various competitions in and around Bangalore has helped us publicize our sponsors. The previous year has been a thrilling experience, we have been awarded for place in various competitions like Dr AIT being one of the them. The media team has been exclusively working on building a strong foundation particularly on the social media forums viz reaching out to more like minded people.

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A shout out to all our supporters and enthusiasts.  A spectacular thanksgiving to all our sponsors on board for our 2017 event. Our sponsors will soon be showcased on our social media platforms. Stay tuned to know more about them and how they’ve helped us 🙂

Hope all of us have a successful year ahead and we hail good.



– The whole team of RVCE Solar Car Team.


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