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Time flies like an aura of hope and creates an inevitable and non-transient change which stays forever until tomorrow. Welcome to the very 1st edition of The Digital Gazette, powered by the RVCE Solar Car Team, Media Division.

One fine evening, after a hard and extensive day in college, a bunch of our teammates were absorbed in a series of discussions regarding the specs of the car. It was absolutely refreshing to hear people discuss things that mattered to the team, to the race. We came up with a conclusion as to how we’d keep our supporters informed about our progress. So it was unanimously decided that there would be a periodic update on the progress we’re aiming at and achieving.

September 2016 has been a very eventful month for the team. We have had an overwhelming response from various corporates and organisations. These companies really liked the very roots of this idea and are keen to know more so that they can assist us in any possible way. The progress has been proliferating  and each subsystem is thriving to reach to the optimum results on one hand, and gather the best available support from industries on the other.


The Mechanical division has been working on the verification of our designs holistically taking into critical consideration, the dynamics of the car. Testing has been going on smoothly and our first prototype gives us a clearer understanding about the practical applications of what we see in real and simulated on the virtual. We have been toiling hard to test out our results a few times as we are a team that believes in “dedicated preparations in order to achieve optimum results”.

The Fabrication division is currently working towards procuring the main material that goes into building our car, the carbon fiber! There have been a few companies who are willing to support our project and guide us along in forms of technical expertise. We intend on building a miniature model of our electric vehicle in order to scrutinize all the components and their functionality. Also, verify outputs with the other components to integrate it  into a single vehicle.


There has been an uphill growth on the electronics front too. The team has successfully made a few notable industrial collaborations. The Battery team has been working on finalizing the battery box design on software, and is in its final stages. The system architecture has been made, and is being verified. We attended Electronica India, a leading trade fair for electronic components and systems convened at BIEC recently in Bangalore. Here, we were introduced to a lot of companies which had a range of products that the team would love to integrate into the car. We are positive about receiving support from many of them. Last but, not the least our Sponsorship team has been following up with corporates in order to gather their support in the form of financial as well as technical assistance.

Electronica- BIEC

Recently, we were featured in Tarmak007 which is a Bangalore-based Defence and Aerospace blog hosted by Journalist, Dr. Anantha Krishnan M. To add a cherry on the cake, on the 27th of this month we had Mr. Balaji Viswanathan visit our workshop. He is an imminent writer and entrepreneur and is known for his contemporary answers on Quora. We were inspired by his ideologies, and are happy to incorporate his suggestions. Other successful meetings were very well organised and attended by the concerned subsystems. Our prime goal in today’s date is the World Solar Challenge’17, Australia.

Mr.Balaji Viswanathan

This month end saw a lot of enthusiastic juniors who wanted to be a part of our team. We held recruitments for the freshmen and sophomores which included an aptitude test, a group discussion and an interview. The response we got was incredible. The phases in recruiting went on smoothly with absolutely dedicated people who registered. Some asked the interviewers intriguing facts that chuckled their brains for a while. The shortlisted students will soon join us and experience the thrill of being a part of this team.

The group discussion- recruitments

That’s all for this month. STAY TUNED until the edition 2. Comments and feedback are welcomed. Kindly, have a look at our website for a further insight into our team. Also, follow us on social media in order to stay updated about our activities.

                              – Pallavi Surana


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