A part of the RVSCT

The entire journey commenced at that flabbergasts moment when my mailbox displayed a notification from The RVCE Solar Car Team. Caught with the mixture of anxiety and forethought, I could only read a few lines! Yet, the impact did make a difference.

The recruitment which included a written aptitude test was tricky enough for me to doubt my ability to join the team. However, on receiving a positive result, we were lead to the next phase of the process. The Interview. According to me, the only ones who aren’t scared of an interview are the bravest human beings that mankind could yield. Well, for that moment. However, the seniors conducted the selections process with so much ease and their words actually got me to be proud of myself for making a right decision of choosing RVSCT.

The first few weeks were spent in learning the important concepts of a solar car. The newly formed team was scrutinised with assignments which did educate us a lot about the car. Later, we were given the option of choosing our area of interest in the technical components. The team was broadly classified into the mechanical and electronical groups. We were advised to start off by reading different pdf’s and scientific papers regarding one particular topic at a time. Our seniors are our backbone. They spend most of their time with us, try to understand our ideas thoroughly and help us incorporate it the right manner.

At this stage of our journey, most of our team members were sorted on their ideas whereas, some of them were still collecting their ideas and tried fitting them in the right manner on the blank sheets of trial. We’re still trying to make the best out of the available resources.

The seniors continued to give us the time and toiled after the college hours by sitting with us and listened to our queries. Their experience is helping us cross our hurdles with some level of easiness.

A few more weeks into our calendars and we were introduced to our non-technical groups. Now, this is something which is equally important as the technical aspects of the team.

In order to understand this message, we were assigned on a group task by our former marketing head, Gamini Garg.

During this phase, we did cherish a moment of pride when an article about our former team was published.

As a member of the RVSCT I take immense pride in a gratitude filled gesture and would like to thank our RV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING extending their unbiased support and inspiration. It has been a great experience and I’m sure that it will only get better as days pass by. The whole team is like a family and the workshop is our second home.

As a member of RVSCT, it’s an honour to work for the college, the state by representing  the country and would hope to do them proud.

It seems miles long, yes the track seems miles long but, towards the end all of us just need to say this in synchrony that,” We made good sprinters this time!”



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