Day 1

​( 8th Oct. 2015)
Dear All,
Today was the team’s first day with the entire group in exception of Gokul who is still in Sydney. Missing you Gokul!
Today’s day started off with the team arriving in full to Darwin Executive Suites, Litchfield Street, NT. The day started off with a mixture of anxietes and hope.

We had a discussion about our car in transit, which is currenly in the hands of Toll Australia who have been made aware of the situation of our car in customs. The problem that we are facing is that the ATA Carnet hasn’t been shipped to Australia for the customs here to give a green signal for the vehicle to be cleared off in Sydney.
​We were advised by Toll Australia to connect with Mr. Chris Selwood, the Event Director at ​World Solar Challenge. So plans were made to split the team into multiple groups to travel to Hidden Valley Motor Sport Complex.
Once we arrived at Hidden Valley we were greeted with a warm welcome by Chris and his Team.Chris is an easy going, friendly and jovial person. He understood our problem and has already been in talks with Toll for clearance. We have been told the vehicle will arrive in Darwin on next Tuesday 13th Oct which is the day scrutineering starts! As Chris explains theaest the vehicle in the Hidden Valley Motor Sport Complex. He congratulated all of us on our efforts of taking on the daunting task of taking part in the World Solar Challenge and was very impressed by our efforts.
​With renowned faith we are continuing our efforts to run in the World Solar Challenge. ​We also had a change to take a look into how other teams were working on their own solar cars.Most of the other teams had begun working on their cars,and we visited few workshops and held friendly conversations with the team members.The team of 16 unconsciously noted that they were on par with teams that have been participating since decades with respect to design, specifications and most importantly the budget amount.

The following USP’s boosted the team morale;

1.Symmetric structure-This was a rarity to find in any of the workshops of the other teams.The symmetric nature provides perfect balance for the car.

2.Spaceframe framework-

3.A very LOW budget- This team’s budget is nearly 1/10th of the average budget of other teams,and yet at par in terms of specifications.

Way to go!Kudos!

It’s rightly said,When you want something with all your heart,the whole world conspired in helping you achieve it.And that’s exactly what’s happening.

This is the third miracle (The humble plea being accepted and we being given an opportunity ,possible only due to the passion blazing through the eyes of the Team members) since the time we felt not so confident.The team now decides to take a stand that miracles are their way of realising what is supposed to be their favorable destiny.
The long day was followed by discussions on strategy,calculations and branding.Let’s see what’s on store for day 2!We returned back to our Suite at 6PM and has a look at the gorgeous sunset from our balcony! And then of course to team went for some well deserved rest! I believe a few of them have walked for over 12KM! Great way to prep for WSC 2015!!! 😀

Signing off,

The Blazzador
Hope you like the following pictures….
Join us for the DAY 2 events.More fun,knowledge and learning in store!

P.S.The temperature in Australia is all time high.It’s summer all year long for the RVCE Solar Car Team


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